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APICS Global Sourcing Workshop Series

It is a global marketplace and the APICS Global Sourcing Workshop Series will help you navigate the complex and changing landscape of international business. Companies and organizations need skilled operations management and supply chain professionals in today's intensely competitive global marketplace. The workshop provides a comprehensive study of the critical competencies and challenges associated with sourcing and procurement internationally.

This workshop series will equip you with the skills to:

•Understand the strategic importance of globalization
•Learn how to prepare for international procurement
•Evaluate potential markets internationally
•Source global suppliers strategically
•Choose logistics partners
•Address cultural differences

Use what you learn here to catapult your organization into the global marketplace. There are four workshops and one stand-alone APICS Executive Overview in the series:

•Global Suppliers
•Cultural Relationships
•Logistics Requirements
•Plus: Six-hour stand-alone APICS Executive Overview workshop