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APICS Lean Enterprise Workshop Series

There are seven workshops in the series:

1. Introduction
This workshop will allow you to gain an overview of the many components of implementing a lean transformation in your organization and gauge your organization's readiness through a hands-on assessment.

2. Lean Culture
Explore the effects of a lean implementation on your employees and learn about the importance of teams will be the focus of this workshop. The Kaizen, a team-oriented continuous improvement event, will be introduced in this section.

3. Value Stream Mapping
This workshop will teach value stream mapping and its value for viewing processes and determining potential areas of improvement. Tasks will include drawing a current position map and then learning about concepts to help you improve your future position.

4. Stability and Process Improvements
Learn how to improve process stability and achieve demand stability and improve manufacturing process efficiencies in this workshop.

5. Just-in-Time
Determine customer demand, standard work, line balancing and many other tools to meet customer demand during this important workshop. Participants will explore the use of a heijunka system to meet customer demand through a hands-on activity.

6. Measuring
In this workshop you will review the way a lean company measures and then how to align those measurements with objectives. Topics include lean accounting, inventory costs, target costs and lead time.

7. Sustaining
Learn about the long-term changes to sustain the gains made in the final workshop. Topics include lean design, analyzing failures and ensuring ongoing quality control and continuous improvement.